On June 21, the Mindsailing team attended the 2019 MN Search Summit to get the download on the latest digital strategies and tactics. We brought home insights on a host of topics, including paid media, microsite design, online PR and technical content optimization, while taking in dynamic keynotes from MobileMoxie CEO Cindy Krum, Kick Point Inc. President & Partner Dana DiTomaso and iPullRank Founder & Managing Director Mike King.


5 Key Insights From the 2019 MN Search Summit


Google is an answer engine, not a search engine.

When people search for content online, they’re looking for something specific — and once they’ve found it, they stop looking. That’s why it’s more incumbent than ever to create exceptional content. The web is full of low-quality pages, and if you don’t crack the top one percent, your page may not be found.


Think like Google.

No one knows the search giant’s algorithms, and it’s not its responsibility to share it. But there are still best practices when it comes to creating content. For instance, avoid keyword stuffing, and be sure to write objectively. Sentiment is becoming increasingly important to Google’s algorithm, so the more authentically helpful you make your page, the likelier it is to be found.


Think like your customers, too.

Google places value on pages that are helpful to its users — and those users are your customers. That means it’s important to discover exactly what your customers want to know. If Google is an answer engine, you have to know their questions.


Low friction fosters loyalty.

In addition to the quality of your content, your pages’ user experience is equally critical to engaging customers. That means eliminating friction wherever possible. You can accomplish this by making machine-learning AI suggestions while they’re typing in your site, prominently featuring navigation, and eliminating form fields, steps and instructions.


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