Grow your audience with these SEO best practices

Serve the right content, to the right people, at the right time with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Understand the ecosystem and evolve with google


Google owns 80% of search-engine-market share, indexing hundreds of millions of web pages and responding to millions of search queries every day. Based on its continuous learnings, Google frequently releases new updates to its search algorithms. These updates are so powerful, they reverberate through the digital marketing ecosystem. It is vital to understand how websites are indexed, how content is evaluated and how updates impact search performance.

Master the language of your audience

Voice search is changing the game! With more than 40% of adults using voice search daily, Google uses natural language processing and machine learning to better understand user intent. Consider the search intent and capture semantic SEO value by driving content beyond keywords with natural, conversational language. Consistently delivering relevant, valuable content will improve engagement and build subject matter topic authority over time, positively impacting search performance.   

Develop and deliver the content your audience seeks

With clear business objectives in mind, consider the questions your audience asks and explore the keywords they use throughout their purchase journey. You may discover concepts and terms that can be used to boost relevancy and topic authority. Over time, delivering this valuable content will build your audience and deliver more powerful results for your brand.

Interested in more?

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