Community Health Workers are providing an important link between individuals and the health care system. Here are five fast facts to know about this transformative trend:
History and origin of Community Health Workers
The utilization of community health workers began in 1930’s China and continues to thrive today.
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The role of Community Health Workers
Bilingual, bicultural community health workers build “community capacity;” but it looks a lot like friendship. 
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Why Community Health Workers are of particular value right now
Doctors say community health workers are the missing link in helping people manage chronic diseases.
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How Community Health Workers are contributing in communities across Minnesota
Minnesota is a recognized leader in the field of community health work where CHWs are on the ground, solving problems health care often can’t reach. 
Toolkit: MN DHS Community Health Worker Toolkit

Minnesota’s community health workers serve as a trusted, vital link to health and social services.
Profiles of community health workers helping underserved populations in the Twin Cities.
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A focus on health care alone will not improve if underlying social welfare needs are unmet. For more on the subject of Community Health Workers, read our post Health Care that Connects to Community and Culture