Supporting the Water Ecosystem

Each year, the Mindsailing team looks at how we can best support transformative organizations in their efforts to promote community, sustainability, peace and health. Last year, that included participating in the Million Tree Challenge led by One Tree Planted, an organization working to reforest the earth in the US and globally.

This year, we’ve added an essential element that supports all of us as much as the trees: water. From mighty rivers to your kitchen faucet, water is essential to everyday life – powering us, transporting us, balancing us, and most importantly, connecting us. In honor of its impact to our lives, we’ve developed the Essential Element Campaign, an effort focused on celebrating the transformative power of water at global, regional and local levels.

The goals of the campaign are three-fold: protect our precious water resources; expand access to safe drinking water; and elevate the transformers who are making a difference for these causes. By supporting local and national organizations committed to these efforts, we are hoping to create a multiplying effect across our water ecosystem. 

Essential Elements Heart.png