an essential element


Water is essential to life. It powers, transports, adapts, balances. Water is responsive, shifting states to meet external demands. It can be strong or subtle. It connects us all.

We're proud to partner with a strong group of leaders, creatives and change makers who represent the same qualities. Our clients promote wellness, community, dignity, peace, sustainability, diversity and education. Our teams bring creativity, excellence in craft, curiosity, passion and dedication. These collective efforts create a positive future for us all.


Our Commitment

  • To honor these relationships, we’ve developed the Essential Element Campaign, an effort focused on celebrating the transformative power of water at global, regional and local levels.

  • Mindsailing has committed to supporting organizations driving change in water conservation, equitable access and cross-sector collaboration.

a natural transformer

Water is just the beginning. By supporting this essential element, we create a multiplying effect across the ecosystem.

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About 40 percent of U.S. rivers and lakes are too polluted for fishing. Green infrastructure could keep the sewage systems in 750 cities from overflowing into waterways during storms.


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SAFE access 

One in ten people lack access to safe drinking water. That includes millions of kids in hundreds of cities around the world. Access to water alone simply isn't sufficient; safe water is critical to closing health and development gaps.

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Many of the challenges in water are complex and systemic. By elevating the innovators and creating a network for exchanging ideas, we can build the relationships, skills and perspective needed to succeed.

Thanks for helping us protect the essentials. 


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