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Create high-performing infographics


Create high-performing infographics

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A marketer's guide to creating high-performing infographics.

  • Review the basic elements of every great infographic
  • Select the right infographic format to achieve your goal
  • Discover how to extract insights from your data
  • Use easy planning tools to define concepts and goals



increase visibility

A great infographic is worth 1,400 words. That is, an infographic is 40% more likely to be shared via social media than text, especially when it delivers a jaw-dropping insight and data visualization. Internet search for infographics has increased by a factor of 25 in the last five years because consumers like tasty, fast information they can recall.



visualize insight

A great infographic distills an idea in a format that makes the central point instantly recognizable and encourages the reader to explore. Great infographics lead to a universal conclusion. Learn about the four types of infographics and how to use them to meet your goals.


MEasure impact

A great infographic has measurable results. Depending on the infographic type, you might be aiming to increase opens, bring users deeper into content, or speed willingness to connect. Measuring the tactical and campaign performance of an infographic is essential.

Want custom infographics?

Mindsailing has produced award-winning infographics for our clients. We recognize each initiative is unique. Business goals, audiences and market factors can vary. So can timelines, stakeholders and budgets. We're happy to chat through variables, think through options and help you scope your project for success.