Building on a successful year of growth in 2016, innovation and marketing agency Mindsailing took its business up several levels by opening a new office at the top of a Twin Cities high rise.

Five years after its founding, the agency completed the move this February to a 2,500-square-foot office space in the Metropoint building. Located on the 19th floor, the new office is just across from the General Mills campus and a 10-minute drive to downtown Minneapolis.

“The new office certainly provides a bird’s eye view that aligns with our strategic approach,” explained Mindsailing CEO Julie Mackenzie. “But more importantly, it offers a dedicated, collaborative space that’s in tune with how we deliver innovation and marketing services to our clients.”

Previously, Mindsailing worked out of office suites in CoCo – a co-working space in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange building. As the agency signed new clients, the team grew to eight full-time employees and more than three times as many collaborators. By remodeling a premium office space, the company was able to create open, collaborative working spaces that fit the agency’s responsive business model.
“Collaboration with best-in-class strategists and creatives is a critical part of our business,” Mackenzie said. “This open design nurtures productive teams, while also providing space for new hires as we grow in the future.” Concurrent with their move, Mindsailing launched a new brand and identity; one that includes sweeping brush strokes that evoke transformative currents. The color scheme and logo are reflected in the office lobby and throughout collaborative spaces.