The holidays have a knack for inspiring nostalgia. Sometimes, marketing can play a small part in those feelings. For this year’s holiday season, we decided to reflect back on those holiday commercials that left a lasting memory on us, perhaps when we were sitting on a couch in a red ruffled dress like our sweet project manager Whitney Bauer is above! Maybe it was the catchy jingle or a particularly heartfelt message, but each of these holiday ads stuck with one or more Mindsailors. We hope you enjoy the list and have a happy holiday season.

Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Commercial (1990-ish)
I love this ad because of its simplicity. It is festive, engaging, melodic, international, ageless and funny. It has run for nearly 30 years, and might be a perfect ad.
Whit, Director of Technology

Folger’s Coffee “Peter comes home for Christmas” - 1986
I have a brother who is 8 years older then I am. I think the year this came out, he wasn’t able to be with us for Christmas. So of course.... this really got my hopes up! The more times I saw it, the more times I believed that he was going to show up and make coffee on Christmas morning! It didn’t happen but to this day, this is one of my most favorite commercials.
Jenn, Project Manager

M&M’s “They Do Exist” - 1997
I love anything that keeps the magic and mystery alive. Because they DO exist!
Heather, Chief Innovation Officer

John Lewis “Monty the Penguin” - 2014
I had no idea what kind of company John Lewis was but the first time I saw this a dust storm kicked up in the room and suddenly my eyes were watering. It was the strangest thing. But this holiday commercial had me at “penguin” and away it went.
Chris, Director of Operations

Campbells Soup “Snowman” - 1993
Let it snow! I love the story of the snowman. It melts your heart.
Sam, Designer

Norelco “Santa Rides an Electric Razor” - 1970s
What kid doesn’t study the fine art of sledding? And Santa’s motor gave him such great lift over that jump. I can remember wrapping Christmas presents with the TV on (back when TVs had 4 channels and a dial) and stopping to watch Santa make that jump every time.
Julie, CEO

Coca-Cola “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” - 1977
I was 8 years old and remember singing the jingle over and over. I liked the message of peace and inclusiveness. In the beginning, there are close-ups on the faces of a diverse group of people holding candles and singing together. As the camera slowly pans out, their candles form the lights of a Christmas tree - a timeless message.
Jen, Designer

Hallmark “Tom is Coming Home” - 1990s
What makes this Christmas commercial memorable for me - you could catch me waiting by the window for all the family I only got to see a few times a year to arrive over the Christmas holiday.
Taveon, Community Manager

Coca-Cola “Polar Bears Bring Home the Christmas Tree”
Coca Cola polar bears are what I really love - the baby polar bears are what initially made this commercial memorable for me, but I love the focus on family and togetherness. The continuing scenes and story through the years make it a holiday tradition.
Whitney, Project Manager

Bangor Savings Bank “Christmas Kittens” - 1980
This ad only ran in Maine, but it’s still shown there to this day around the holidays. The magic comes from its simple concept that was beautifully unscripted: take a Christmas tree with ornaments, presents and milk and cookies for Santa, then just add kittens. It’s one minute of Christmas bliss.
Tony, VP of Engagement

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